North Downs Way 100 (2017) – race report

I’m feeling good. Photo: Stuart March

This was 100 mile race number 3 in the last 4 months. This year’s NDW had it all, fantastic views, technical trails, roads, stepping stones, fields, hills, flats, sunshine, rain, thunder, high points, low points, old friends, new friends, facebook friends who became real life friends, lots of sweat, blood, 3 extra miles (the NDW100 is actually 102,9 miles long), and, as usual, quite a lot of vomit.

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South Downs Way 100 2017


On Old Winchester Hill. Photo by Stuart March

Centurion 100 mile grand slam race 2/4
In the week leading up to the SDW100 it felt almost absurd to be making the final preparations for another 100 miles race – it felt like the Thames Path 100 was just a few days ago. Six weeks go by really fast.

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Thames Path 100, 2017, part 1: the numbers


I usually write really long race reports, and it takes me ages to write them, so this time I thought I would try something new and start with a shorter post focusing on the numbers. So part 1 is for all you statistics fanatics out there (this post is more or less a write up of a telephone conversation I had with my dad earlier today), part 2 will follow soon with all the gory details for those of you who likes to read about body fluids etc. Les videre

French Pyrénée Patou Trail 2015 – Day 2

Stage 2 - not 10 km as advertised, and not in France
Stage 2 – not 10 km as advertised, and not in France

Today we went to the Spanish part of the Pyrénées to do some more running. Despite a 7 am breakfast and 8 am departure from the hotel the stage started quite late, after 11. (We were sent on a little sightseeing trip before the stage, to give the organisers time to mark the course and set up the drinks station.) We had been warned it would be hot, and correctly so. In Norway the spring has been very cold, and summer is yet to arrive. The last time I ran in hot weather was last July, when I nearly succombed to heat exhaustion. The sensible thing to do today would therefore have been to take it easy… Les videre

French Pyrénées Patou Trail 2015 – Day 1

Stage 1, not as long as advertised, but just as beautiful.
Stage 1, not as long as advertised, but just as beautiful.

St Lary Patou Trail, a three day running festival in the French Pyrénées, is being held his year for the fourth time. St Lary Patou Trail consists of a vertical kilometer  (5 km total distance), the 18 km Trail du Mouscade, and a sky marathon, 45 km with 3560m ascent. New this year is the French Pyrénées Patou Trail, a 5-day stage race which includes the vertical kilometer and the sky marathon in addition to three new courses.

Yesterday all the runners arrived at Toulouse Airport, and since there were only six of us in total, and three of each sex we realised we would all get on the podium just for showing up. Yay! After dinner and receiving our bibs and lots of free goodies (French berets of course, t-shirt, buff and ajacket!) we went to bed to rest before the first stage. Les videre